If you are looking to purchase a portable car DVD player for your then you should take a good look at The best portable DVD Player Reviews.I will go over helpful tips regarding your possible DVD player choices,where to locate them, and how to pick from the many models on the market.

Screen size
- The main option that you're going to have is screen size. Most sizes range anywhere from about 8 inches and above.

Formats - Some portable DVD players will play more than DVDs. In fact, some will play CDs, will burn DVDs and a do lot more. The more it can play when it comes to formats, the more it's going to cost you.

All These Best features are available on New Sony Portable DVD player.

Enjoy your favorite movies on the road with the DVP-FX930 portable DVD player. Boasting a large 9-inch, high-resolution widescreen display and up to six hours of battery life, this portable device is ideal for long flights and car rides. Conveniently located touch keys and a 180-degree swivel and flip screen make it a breeze to operate and watch your favorite flicks. And when you want more than movies, this portable DVD player lets you view your personal photo albums and plays your CDs or MP3s. You can even share audio and video with a friend via two built-in headphone jacks. The FX930 is available in black, blue, red, pink and white.

Sony DVP-FX930 9-Inch Portable DVD Player,Black,Amazon $159.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

9-Inch, High-Resolution, Widescreen Monitor
Enjoy entertainment on the go with the Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player, featuring a nine-inch, high-resolution screen (800 x 480 resolution) and widescreen display.

6-Hour Rechargeable Battery
With up to six hours of battery life, the Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player lets you watch approximately three full-length movies before having to recharge.

180 Swivel and Flip Monitor
A convenient180-degree swivel and flip screen allows you to watch your DVDs from almost any angle.

Touch Keys on Bezel for Easy Operation
Easy-to-access touch keys are conveniently located on the frame surroundings.

The portable DVD Player is handy when you are going on vacation. Many times you find that late in the evening or on a rainy afternoon watching your favorite DVD is fun and relaxing. Often when you are in a strange area television programs are mostly from public television and not very entertaining which if you have brought along your player then you can watch what you like instead of being bored.

DVD's easy to find

Now days there are many DVD rental shops where you can go and rent an older movie or you can rent the latest movie that has just come out. You will find that with a portable DVD player it has many hours of play so you can watch several movies in a setting without fear of the battery going dead. The player is excellent entertainment for the children keeping them occupied while you are driving along on your long trip. The portable DVD players are great to use in the backseat of your vehicle. They are nice to take with you while you are on a camping trip for nighttime entertainment.

You can use your camcorder to film the events of the day and then play them for the group that evening. Many people who go camping enjoy the fun of watching themselves on their player. Newlyweds like to be able to watch their wedding on their player while they are on their honeymoon. There are many good uses for a portable DVD player.

If you are looking to purchase a portable car DVD player for your car then you should take a good look at this article. I will go over helpful tips regarding your possible car DVD player choices, where to locate them, and how to pick from the many models on the market.

Over the years car driving has become a totally new experience. Technology now provides you you with lots of entertainment as you drive. Speakers, and music accessories have come a long way. DVD players put the thrill back in your car interior.

Harassed drivers celebrate! Your new DVD player should occupy the minds of your fidgety kids on those long road trips. Choosing a DVD player for your car is not so different from choosing any other item. All you've got to do is a bit of research and understand your budget then the purchase is easy.

You will want to shop online because it allows you to compare products more effectively. Everyone wants to avoid the trip to the store. Your online search allows you to compare different products against one another for price and quality.

The first choice you need to make is whether to go with a portable car DVD player or one installed directly in your car. You'll find that portable units are cheaper and can be carried in and out of your car for other uses. Children especially enjoy these models because they can easily operate the controls and carry them around.

Brand names are important when shopping. I would recommend that you not get fixated on brands but don't go for the cheapest model either. Looking up consumer reviews on various DVD brands is a great idea too.

When I shop for a DVD player for my car it feels like Christmas all over again. Your kids will become the best behaved kids when they are watching their all time favorite movie. You can't go wrong by using the internet to get the best available price.